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SBL Solutions is a minority and women owned business and strives to empower women and youth of all types and backgrounds in business, health, and life. Join us and the Black Women Honors and Empowerment Houston Chapter in our goal of bringing women together and sharing knowledge, opportunities, concerns, causes, cultures, and more. The Black Women Awards & Empowerment is a global initiative to celebrate, showcase and empower women in several cities. A great opportunity to celebrate our stories, our journey and our future. Black women and all women of African descent are more than what is commonly portrayed, so it's important to ensure we come together and highlight how far we have come and how far we hope to go, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

The Black Women Honors & Empowerment is the name for the local chapters to be established in several cities worldwide. 
Our success depends on like-minds joining our team. Our priority is focused on inspiring women locally in Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and the entire world. This is an initiative of the Diversity Advancement Network based in Canada within its World Women Empowerment Program. The diversity advancement network has mainly served the black community in Canada for the past 10 years with signature events like the the Black Canadian Awards, Black mayoral forum, black Canadian queen, black Canadian business summit and many other initiatives. A new website will be launched next month once we finalize our orientation process.

The Houston Chapter is new to the global organization. However as one of the largest cities in the United States, this chapter has the potential to be very influential in Houston and internationally as a positive force in the organization. Become one of the founding members of this new chapter and be part of something huge.Below are some helpful links to shed some light on some of the organizations and movements globally that have given birth to BWHE, it's movement, and this new chapter. Join our free membership for students or individuals with hardship or become a committed professional member and receive recognition and added benefits at each donation level.  

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